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Lacie Bollon
United States
here we go

Current Residence: Michigan
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small
Print preference: 11x14 or Bigger
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Indie, Industural, Electic....
Favourite photographer: So hard to pick just one....
Favourite style of art: Cartoon-Pin-up art. New school comics... anything gory and creepy
Operating System: coin-operated
MP3 player of choice: Zune baby
Shell of choice: the one that shot you down
Wallpaper of choice: naked
Skin of choice: none
Favourite cartoon character: mine, Adam West- Family guy
Personal Quote: don't give up
Been done with school and just been working my 2 jobs. I don't work very much so it's basically like having one. I'm still paying off some debts so I haven't been able to make my art books yet. I haven't had many donations for them, but in time I'm sure it'll get better or I'll just be paying for it myself. 

I'm on the last few pages of book 12. And then I'll need to buy some more sketch books 'cause this is my last one. I kept trying not to buy un-necessary things, and now even when I need something I feel bad for buying whatever it is. When you don't have much, people always find away to make you feel bad for trying to do anything for yourself, and make you feel like you aren't doing enough to better your life. But you have to learn to block them out... or you'll become depressed like me over time. And it's not fun here.

My life hasn't been all bad lately. I finished my degree, got 2 jobs I like (just wish I got more hours), went to a ton of music festivals last year and set up vending tents to sell art work. I didn't sell very much, but it was still fun. I'm not sure how much of that we'll be able to do this year since it was free last year. My BF won season passes for every show, and the shows are a weekend long. So all we had to pay was gas and the vending fee.
He makes wire wrap jewelry (Check this shit out:…)  and when we vend it's like I'm his back up dancer. Everyone comes to see his stuff. And it's good! I love what he does. Just wish my art wasn't so passed over. Then again, what artist hasn't felt like that at some point? I should be use to it by now... kinda how it always is. Good thing I draw/paint for myself. Its important not to let people ignoring your work get to you that much. I've thought hard through the last few years about even stopping art. Why bother if no one wants it, right?
But I didn't start drawing to get attention. I just loved to do it. Not saying I wouldn't love to be selling my work for a living. But if I just focus on how it's not selling, I'll drive myself crazy and I'm already crazy enough. lol 
I started following a bunch of artist on IG, and it blows my mind how good people are! Even on here, I don't get how some of this stuff comes out of people hands. And I look at my stuff and I'm all "Ugh.... this isn't good enough, no wonder why no one is banging down my door to buy it.... I should stop drawing..." But I need to stop doing that. I need to use it to inspire myself to do more. Grow as an artist. That's what I want my art to do for people. Inspire them, help them grow as people. Show how you can use something bad in your life and turn it into something good... even if it's just a piece of art. But that piece of art can mean so much to someone in the world, and keep the circle going.

I was drawing the other night and thinking how I really do need to draw more positive type stuff... even thou I can't help but be more inspired by the sad pieces. I want to do more body positive pieces and stuff about shaming. I really hate how people feel the need to put down others for doing what they like. And I hate that people feel the need to try to blend into the crowd when you'll never make everyone happy. You will always piss off someone. Might as well just do what you like anyway. Because I've spent a lot of time just not doing what I use to do, and it's not making me any happier.  

I've fallen way behind on posting my work here... I'm really gonna try to post more, even if they aren't the best photos of my work. Never mattered before right? lol I haven't really done many big colored pieces. Most of my paint got wrecked by being in my car from moving all the time.... so I really have to buy more, and don't have money for it. But one of my jobs is with Paint and Pour (like painting with a twist, but much better!) and I can get free paint from them. :) So next time I work I'm going to bring some home. :) 

I think that's about it for updates for right now... In the middle of a drawing right now. I might have some commissions coming up... that is if the people who asked about them follow through. It's been kinda hard to get into that drawing mood for awhile, so when it hits I try to take full advantage. I still try to draw everyday... but usually I just sit there with everything out and then bum around on line.... lol

So I'm gonna go now... Check out all the fancy links below if you're bored.


Check out my other shit and follow me if you want.
Facebook Art Page:…
Art Blog:
Movie Blog: moviesviewedbymyeyes.blogspot.…
Instagram: squidsuduction
Patreon:<---- Don't have a ton here yet.
I also did my first YouTube video... wanna watch me do a hair tutorial? >…
It's kinda long and there's swearing so keep that in mind... But more to come! (sorry I haven't made any more video's (if anyone actually cares lol) but I'm getting to them in time... when shit starts falling into place and I get room to do more.)

Help fund my art books! Lets get these bitches made!!!!! I'm selling my books for $30! About 160 pages! Hardcover! :) (Smile) some donations will receive art work in return. I may also throw out other things as well to lower donations just because I'm thankful for any help I can get. :) (Smile) Anything you can donate to this will help. Even if it's just a few bucks! If you donate $50 you will receive a book and a some prints. The more you donate the more free things you will get! I have a list of what you can get in the description! I will start an indigogo when I can film something for it.....
Or help me out here: where you can also get many sweet prizes for helping me do what I love to do! 


Spring Time - No Reason by LadyRavenShadow
Spring Time - No Reason
During a music festival I had some down time and couldn't sleep.... so I drew this.
We had a kite at our camp that looked like a judge-y penguin.... and we couldn't stop laughing about it. So I sat down and drew it right then... which is hard to do on acid and you can't stop looking at the other drawings you did on the previous pages.... 
I was trying to do another face but I really like the top one best. The head shape is just so much better.
I also was looking at this leaf or piece of bark that looked like the little guy at the bottom of the page... and I called him a booty fish.... lol 
I really wonder
How I can be good at a few things...
But I keep failing at life...
Just can't seem to get it right
and Everyone says not to stress
Yet what else can I do when everything I try is just such a mess?
I think about giving up on Everything
That I ever enjoyed
I've already Lost so Much...
Does anyone See
That I still want to Believe
in the good of the world
and That my Dreams could come true?
How much longer will life be this way?
How much will I Pay?
For each mistake...
Maybe I just made too many
and Now I desever all this pain. - LMB 2015
Standard of Living by LadyRavenShadow
Standard of Living
Just let me Go...
I don't want to drag you down as well
Never feeling good enough for my own standard of living
Thought my life would be different 
Better by now...
Trying to be like how everyone says I should be...
Do what they do
Yet it hasn't worked for me
and I keep going 
I keep getting up
Day after Day
and They still say the same things 
I should be better by now...
Guess I'm still not doing enough
Must I deserve this forever?- LMB 2015
Let it Kill You
Will I let this kill me as I have Before? 
Can I allow myself to give into these feelings?
I just don't know...
Find what you love and let it kill you
Some have all the luck
If I ever had it 
I was too blind to see
and I'm trying really hard to set myself Free...
Yet if I just tried harder
if I could just dig myself out...
I'm learning very Quickly
that I am very Alone in this world...
Why?- LMB 2015
Gods and Monsters by LadyRavenShadow
Gods and Monsters
Go ahead and throw your Arrows
It doesn't really matter to me
I have much more on my mind 
Than if you care for me or Not...
and I wonder if I'll make it through
I wonder how I'll make it through
I have no choice but to make it through...
Because life will keep pushing me Down
and All I can do is keep trying to get Up again
Will you help me?
Could you help me?
I can't seem to do this Alone...- LMB 2015

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